The clock is ticking

Soon, additional taxes and penalties for water pollution will be commonplace.

There are quick fixes in the short-term and ways to cut costs. Whereas a well defined solution will provide you with greater efficiencies and longer-term benefits: a Sustainable Water Solution.

Septic tanks are widely used where buildings are not able to 'plug in' to the current sewage infrastructure; or where companies wish to have their own wastewater solutions. These septic tanks will soon no longer be in line with legislation covering wastewater. What's more, these tanks can smell, harvest bad bacterias, crack and flood; plus, they are not aesthetically pleasing.

By 2014, regulations will be much tighter. And by 2020, the European parliament legislation on effluent, solids and BOD oxygen content has to reach a higher standard. Septic tanks will simply not reach the required standards (tanks can be upgraded with filters to meet certain standards, but these filters are not cost-effective).

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