Water: under control

Looking ahead for the complete solution

With the impact of changes in the environment, continuously evolving legislation and health concerns around waste disposal high on the community and political agenda, we are all forced to change our approach to water management, and take action for the longer-term. This has led Aliaxis into new and innovative areas.

Drawing on our vast experience, international coverage and on going R&D investment, the
Aliaxis group of companies has come together in response to engineers and specifiers needs, market trends and impending legislation centring on the way we manage and control water today and tomorrow; to produce Sustainable Water Solutions.

Sustainable Water Solutions combine global knowledge, integrate technologies and manage delivery. Our pan-European presence means that not only do we understand local issues, but we also have the integrated resources and international supply chain to help design and deliver a complete solution - on time and within budget.

By joining capabilities and sharing expertise worldwide, we offer contemporary, practical solutions for capturing, storing, transporting and disposing of the water in industrial settings. Our solutions are split into three main areas:

How our solutions can help you

Stormwater solutions Stormwater solutions

Are you prepared for the increasing rainfall?

Water Reuse solutions Water Reuse solutions

How much water are you required to recycle by law?

Wastewater solutions Wastewater solutions

Is your wastewater under optimum management?

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