With climate change comes an increase in flooding and, conversely, drought.

This exerts extreme pressure on the traditional methods of dealing with stormwater and water supply. Pressure on water resources becomes more intense with expanding urban populations and greater strain on existing infrastructures.

This all demands a different approach to controlling water. Whether faced with severe flooding or severe drought, we need to be more efficient with water: how we control it, store it and re-use it. This presents the opportunity for recycling initiatives and a more sustainable way to manage water: Sustainable Water Solutions by Aliaxis.

Technical drainage systems

The areas of permeable land where rainwater can soak away are diminishing as a result of an increasingly built-up environment. Traditional drainage moves storm water as rapidly as possible to a watercourse or river. This is normally achieved via gravity pipelines or culverts. Sustainable drainage systems replicate natural drainage patterns, keeping rainwater on site longer and controlling run-off: helping to reduce the risk of flooding.

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